Rates and Revenue Optimization

Online Rates Strategy

Have you ever wondered how to increase hotel occupancy during low peak periods of the year? How best to maximise your profit during high peak periods for hotel occupancy? Or have you ever wondered how best to reward your most loyal guests? Are your hotel rooms rates prohibitive to potential guest from certain regions of the world?
HIT’s Online Rates Strategy can help our clients with your pricing and revenue strategy and address all the above issues.  How is this done? For example, why not reward your loyal guests with special offers during seasonal periods such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or even the holy month of Ramadan.
For Off-Peak periods, we recommend offering premium rooms at more attractive rates.  A strategy that helps maximise the usage of otherwise non-performing premium rooms. However, if premium rooms should stay exclusive then why not offer these rooms to guest on special occasions such at weddings, a honeymoon stay or conferences? These are all possible scenarios where an Online Rates Strategy can maximise the usage of otherwise empty rooms.
Finally, HIT can make our client’s rates more attractive to tourist from China as an example. Tourist from this region could be offered special rates to further the hotel brand name in China. To add further, even airlines from China can be offered rates based on OPAQUE rates all for the purpose of making the hotel more attractive.


Can the amount of revenue generated for my hotel be defined using ORS? 


The ORS is an excellent strategy to help me maximise my hotel’s potential, we now enjoy a regular 90% room occupancy.



Revenue Optimization

Have you been in a situation where rooms in your hotel go unreserved during crucial periods in a year? Or even wished more guest would be aware of certain periods in your business year where an abundance of rooms were available to guest?
We at HIT have extensive experience in the hotel industry and we strongly believe in helping our hotel clients reserve guests sooner rather than later. As they say, a confirmed guest mean an occupied room. Accomplishing this can be a challenge. However, with a little creating thinking, we believe our clients can take advantage of the situation and offer premium rooms to clients at attractive rates.
Besides insuring occupancy, this will insure the inflow of revenue from otherwise unoccupied revenues.
Another way to do this is to take advantage of HIT’s analysis data and determine the periods in the year where rooms are most available. Later use this data to offer early bird offers.
These are just some of advantages of the HIT’s services.


How does this same strategy be used to increase my revenue?


I am grateful to HIT for helping increase in occupancy in such a short space of time. I always thought there was nothing we could do to increase business during low-peak periods of the year. However, I was proven wrong by HIT, thankfully so!



Inventory Management

Related to Online Revenue Optimization and Online Rates Strategy, inventory management is simply HIT’s commitment to our clients to obtain the best deal for our client. This basically mean, to help our client obtain the highest possible revenue for any room sold.
Therefore, as part of our online sales strategy via travel agents and wholesalers, we will always put our client’s interest foremost in priority. An example of this is to determine which travel agent collects the least commission for each room sold. Logically, to maximise profit, it would be wise to use the agent which collects the least commission for each room sold.
In such an instance, the role of HIT is to work with the Sales and Reservation departments of our client hotel to obtain the most accurate Rooms inventory available for booking and determine the best rate to offer for available rooms.


How does HIT deal with my preferred Travel Agents?
How does HIT gather commission information of Travel Agents?


Another innovation of HIT that has greatly helped my revenue grow.


Competitor Analysis

Competition is the driver of business today. Getting ahead of our competition is a must to stay ahead and stay profitable. HIT offers an insight into the practices of your competition as a means of always staying one step ahead of your competitor.
In our competitive analysis, we are at HIT can provide information such as;

  1. Pricing policies of the competition
  2. Special offers provided by your competition
  3. Advertising targets of the competition based on regions or globally
  4. Important markets sought – after by the competition

Using this analysis data, trust us to help you make informed decisions on rates, strategy and marketing.


Can you provide more details of this analysis, specifically the various type of analysis conducted.
Does this analysis cover all region globally?


It’s no secret our hotel was far behind our competition and we had been trying to catch-up for years. Now with this data provided by HIT, we were able to understand in which areas we lagged behind our closest competition. Now we can create a strategy to move ahead.



"I am grateful to HIT for helping increase in occupancy in such a short space of time. I always thought there was nothing we could do to increase business during low-peak periods of the year. However, I was proven wrong by HIT, thankfully so! "

Mark Low

Reservation Manager