Internet Software

Channel Distribution System

As experts of the Channel Distribution System, we at HIT understand how valuable this system is to our hotelier clients. It is used extensively as a tool to update a large number of pricing databases which include travel agents, airlines and wholesalers worldwide.
However, it is not limited to just pricing, as a service to our client it is an excellent service offered by HIT to keep consumers of HIT’s clients well informed on room allotment, promotions, offers and special services offered by HIT’s clients that may impact the pricing.
However, the true advantage of this system is the speed and accuracy at which the Channel Distribution System updates all these databases worldwide.

Is there any data collected to provide evidence of the usefulness of the Channel Distribution system as a tool used to reduce mistakes in room-allotment


The Channel Distribution System is so important to my business today, I would be lost without it. I am grateful to HIT for introducing it to our business.


Advance Analytic Report

With HIT’s excellent range of services, an analysis of any and all data relevant to the client as a means of spotting treads based on a potential client’s internet activity is only a click away. Let our reporting tools help you make informed adjustments to your offering based on data gather by HIT about your clients.
These activities include;

  1. What interested internet visitors to your website the most?
  2. In which country is the user based in?
  3. Where on your website did the visitor spend the most time?
  4. And more

How does this data help our client?

  1. Which region are most of the visitors to your website from?
  2. What area of the site interested the visitor the most?
  3. Is my website effective in informing each visitor?

These are important things for any business owner, as we believe, an informed businessman is a successful business owner


What tool does HIT use to generate reports that track user activities?
How can these reports be customised further?



We as a business could never gauge how effective our website was or how useful it was to any visitor to our website. However, with HIT’s input, all this data is clearly visible to me and we are a business were able to improve our website’s effectiveness tenfold.


Electronic Direct Marketing

With the advancement of the modern internet, the shift to the online world is quickly gaining pace. A greater number of things can be done online now than ever before and the number of things that can be done online is increasing almost daily. From doing something as simple as reading the news to watching the latest movies, it’s no surprise more and more users are spending a larger portion of their daily life online and connected.
With this in mind, the modern day enterprise would surely profit from the vast potential opportunities presented by the internet in terms of marketing to the online consumer market. With the aid of the electronic mail, marketing to the consumer can done direct and personally.
Leveraging on this advantage, HIT able to market to your prospective clients with offers you will want your consumers to be aware of. However, our service extend beyond just sending a simple electronic mail. As an organisation that offers a service, wouldn’t it benefit you to know the following;

  1. How many people actually opened the mail
  2. How many clicked on the link in the mail
  3. How many people clicked multiple times on the links
  4. Which portion did the peak the most interest

With HIT’s service, now you can.

I am worried about SPAMing my potential guest, how does HIT avoid this?
How soon can a electronic marketing mail be created?


A great marketing tool and so simple, yet effective. We should have done it much sooner.


Gift Voucher

To showcase the many service offerings by HIT, we have included as part of our value added service, the management of Gift Vouchers using our software. An excellent option as a gift presented to hotel guests which may include options such as;

  1. A High-Tea experience
  2. Buffet dinner or lunch or
  3. A one day spa experience

The purpose of which can be to reward returning guests of our client hotels or even to attract new guests. Either way, HIT aim to provide the best experience possible.

Can HIT arrange for the printing and distribution of these Gift Vouchers?
We require seasonal gift voucher based on celebrations, what are some of the options or suggestions offered by HIT?


HIT truly has its act together when it comes to hotel guest appreciations. They help us monitor which one of our guests is a return customer and which ones need a little encouragement to return.


Room Bidding

With the help of specialized software that allows effective and efficient updating of hotel pricing, HIT is able to offer rooms to travel agents or wholesalers depending on demand while generating the greatest revenue for our client. With market forces dictating the availability of rooms, HIT’s software allow us to take advantage of these demand numbers to create a bidding situation.
In short, creating a situation where the best prices are placed on each room offered – in the long run, maximising revenue generation.

Is HIT licensed to for the Room Bidding software?
Can room bidding be done for future room sales, such as 6 months ahead?


I always get the best prices for my rooms thanks to HIT’s efforts


Mobile Website

With more and more consumers surfing the internet using mobile devices and with so many services now available in mobile format, it’s no surprise to learn that the mobile device is going to be used to access the internet the most in the near future.
As such, a mobile version of HIT’s client website is a must to any online business of the cyber age. With HIT’s expertise in this area, we are best placed to guide our clients in areas such as;

  1. What information should be most visible on the website
  2. How to make the mobile version of the website a “light” version of the main website
  3. What are the key areas that should be presented on the mobile website
  4. Is the mobile or “light” version of the website in-line with the corporate website?

 And these are just some of the considerations to be viewed and decided upon, trust us to lead you further.

Is the creation of the mobile website a value added service of HIT?
Does HIT create the mobile website?


A recent poll taken by our hotel estimated 25% of our new business is a direct result of guests who visited out mobile website, I am grateful to HIT for recommending that our hotel move to take advantage of this new trend.



" At first I was sceptical about HIT’s video production skills. However, after viewing the quality of the video produced by HIT, I am proud to include this video as part of my hotel’s promotional media. "