Internet Marketing

Advertisement Campaign

An online advertising campaign is an excellent way to market a brand name. However, more than just a brand name, a campaign such as this is a great promotional tool that makes users aware of packages and promotions based on seasons, even packages for low-peak periods.
Our clients will be happy to note, HIT is able to create not only direct marketed advertisement that reach the email addresses of potential users, we are also able to create video campaigns for online video sites such as YouTube.com. For such video campaigns, HIT is able to provide;

  1. Video campaign filming services
  2. Video campaign production services
  3. Video campaign post-production service
  4. Video uploading service and so much more

As a value added service, HIT can make our client’s video more prominent in video sites. Meaning, the video created will be featured in YouTube.com. Furthermore, HIT can feature the client video using certain keywords that are attached to the video. Therefore, when a YouTube.com user searches using the assigned keyword, our client’s video will feature as one of the top search result.

Is HIT partnering a studio or production house to create video campaign or are they created in-house?

  1. Are sample of HIT produced video campaigns available for me to view online?


I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of videos created by HIT. A truly excellent choice in engaging HIT for my video campaign.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is a marketing method that is based on keywords. These keywords are important words that have been assigned or have been selected to be associated with our client. Therefore, if these keywords are searched for online, it should automatically leads us to think of certain organisations. However, before this can be done, they keywords must be selected and associated with organisation on the various search engines.
Based on the above explanation, it is clear that for Search Engine Marketing to be successful, our client must first have their websites search engine optimised, for more information on SEO please refer to our section labelled Search Engine Optimisation.


Are examples of these marketing the adverts I see when I conduct a search on Google.com?
How long does a search engine marketing campaign typically last?


What a great marketing tool, ever since we were marketed on Google.com, we have increased our business from countries such as Brazil and even Bolivia!


Social Networking

Not to be confused with online advertising, creating awareness on social media sites requires a very customized approach that are dependent on the type and demographic of the social media site.
For example, sites such as Facebook® has almost one billion users which are of various race, religion, age, nationality, in short very diverse. What is the strategy to create awareness for such a site?
However, there is more to social media than just Facebook®, there are also more specialised social sites. As an example, business or professional based social networking sites such as Linked IN® which are used by professionals to connect with each other, how does a business create awareness on a professional social media site?
Alternatively, how does a business tackle creating awareness in more specialised sites such as picture based social media like Instagram ®?
For each of these sites, HIT has a unique strategy to help our clients create awareness. As an example, since online games are very popular with Facebook® why not create an online game within Facebook® to create awareness for a business?
Using the same game based approach, how would a picture puzzle based game for the Instagram® site help create awareness for any hotel? It would, considering the picture used is of the hotel.


Does HIT have a dedicated team to handle social media activities?
I need a Facebook® page to be created, can HIT help with this?


Our Facebook® page is an excellent tool to extend our brand name across a large space. It has resulted in our revenue growing beyond our expectations.



Hotels are constantly offering  promotions and discounts to attract greater revenue. However, it is no secret that reaching a target audience for these offers can be a struggle in the best of times. Introducing an electronic newsletter is  an excellent means of keeping interested consumers aware of the available promotions by any hotel.
We at HIT specialise is creating, managing and distributing these electronic newsletters or better known as “eNewsletters”. Leveraging our excellent Electronic Direct Marketing system, that allows us the means of customizing each eNewsletter to suit our client’s needs, we at HIT can take your business to the next level with a simple information tool like the eNewsletter.


Where does the content for each eNewsletter come from?
How often is the content updated?
How does HIT obtain its database of emails?


Our eNewsletter directly or indirectly generates nearly 30% of our revenue and that figure is a great deal considering our database of eNewsletters emails largely consists of guest who have stayed at our hotels. We have great offers here from time to time but getting the word out has always been the challenge. However, that challenge has been overcome with a simple tool, the eNewsletter.



At HIT, we believe targeted media advertising is the most effective means of reaching a wider market. With this belief, our marketing strategy is always aligned with the promotions offered by our clients. As an example, should our client hotel wish to market certain promotions that are more suited to the fairer sex, it is only natural that we at HIT partner magazines published for women. This goal is to publish promotional advertisements in these magazines for our client hotel.
Similarly, should one of our client hotels want to take advantage of a sporting event being organised in a particular city, we at HIT will target our client’s marketing campaign to be more prominent in sports related magazines or publications in the region of the city.
All this for the simple reason that only individuals with a specific interest would buy magazines related to that interest. With this in mind, HIT would publish adverts in these magazines related to the interest of the consumer for our client hotel.
These are just some of the ways we at HIT’s help our client reach the target audience they prefer and at the same time keep consumers of our client service abreast of the offers available to them.


What are some of the magazines HIT has a partnership with?
How do I learn more about the types of campaign previously run by HIT?


Targeted marketing has saved my hotel money is advertising but increased our revenue. Previously, we used to run campaigns in all popular magazines with limited results. However, now we only select popular magazines that are related to our advertising campaign.


Video Distribution

Video sharing portals such as YouTube and MSN Video have become such an important part of the internet users’ online experience today. It is so easy to share those special moments with friends and family across the globe. All anyone needs is simple video recording device and a video can be shared by anyone with anyone. More and more internet users today visit these video portals to get a picturesque view of how a potential holiday destination looks like and most importantly, some of these videos feature holiday destinations that come with recommendations.
Recognising this trend, we at HIT offer the opportunity for our clients to further their brand name with promotional video footage that is either self-produced or produced by HIT. Yes, that’s right, HIT have the ability to produce professional and informative promotional videos for our clients.
However, our video service does not end there. To further our client’s good name, we at HIT can optimise the video search option in portals such at YouTube to prominently feature our client’s video. This is achieved via the usage of certain key word searches related to our client’s video, similar to our Search Engine Optimization service.


I am interested to hear more about HIT’s video service, where can I get more information?
Where can I view samples of HIT’s produced video?
Is there any data analysis to prove the video optimization works?


At first I was sceptical about HIT’s video production skills. However, after viewing the quality of the video produced by HIT, I am proud to include this video as part of my hotel’s promotional media.



As part of HIT’s marketing strategy, creating positive feedback is an essential part of our methodology. One of the best ways to raise positive awareness is to via online forums. Online forums are a great place to meet potential guests who might visit hotels but are not sure which one to stay at.
Creating awareness or “hype” with positive reviews will help a potential guest make more informed decision or more likely, make a decision based on recommendations from a trusted forum.
Our team of expert forum monitors regularly visit online forums to spread the good word of our client hotels.

Can HIT arrange for a permanent team member to monitor the activity of my hotel’s name?


What a great way to generate positive feedback Notes: For forums, if you are comparing hotels, HIT can act as advisors. About people sharing views similar to reputation. To start positive marketing.



" At first I was sceptical about HIT’s video production skills. However, after viewing the quality of the video produced by HIT, I am proud to include this video as part of my hotel’s promotional media. "


Marketing Manager