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Budget Forecasting

As seasoned operators in the leisure industry, HIT understands more than anyone the importance of generating revenue. Year on year growth is essential for any hotel to keep offering the best service for guest, regardless of potential online, corporate or of the walk-in variety. However, creating the right balance between revenue and the Average Room Rate (ARR) of a hotel can be challenge in the best of times.
We at HIT specialise in leveraging on our extensive experience to make an informed decision on where and when to best allocate funds that will help our client’s business expand year on year. All the while keeping the ARR at an affordable level.
As partners of our client in business, it is in our best interest that our client’s business grows. Creating a symbiotic business relationship is in the best interest of both parties for future growth. Therefore, allow HIT to be your advisers of growth by recommending where the best potential for growth lies and how best to allocate portions of an annual budget to best reach the optimum growth.

Please explain the how HIT performs the analysis of growth recommendation?


I am very impressed with HIT’s contribution to our year on year growth. I never knew we needed help in this area until it was highlighted by our partner, HIT.

Partner Engagement

Potential partners or vendors are an essential part of the modern business landscape. Offers by potential future partners or vendors are very common throughout the calendar year. Such promotions or offers could help save cost in the leisure market, provided these are offers are genuine.
However, how does a hotel gauge the validity of a promotion? Is it the best deal available? How can you tell? How does a potential vendor become a partner? With our vast client list and our extensive experience engaging vendors of the leisure industry, we are in a unique position to help judge offers and special promotions.
Our services include such activities as evaluating, tracking and negotiating all promotions offered by potential vendors before the vendor becomes a partner. Acting as representatives of our client hotel, we can engage vendors on our client’s behalf. Furthermore, with our extensive experience, we can make recommendations to our clients. Therefore, our clients only select offers are best aligned with their growth strategy.


What are some of the vendors HIT has experience with?
Does HIT deal exclusively with Online Vendors?


We used to have such a hard time “separating the wheat from the chaff” when it came to promotions from potential vendors. However, with HIT, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. With their extensive vendor list, I know they will make the right decision for me.

Public Relation

The hotel and partner relationship is an important aspect of the leisure industry. Partners offer a range of important services that keep the daily operation of the hotel ticking along smoothly. However, partner retention in the leisure industry can be a very delicate affair. Services offered by partners do have a finite duration and services can change depending on the current economic climate.
To protect our client’s interest and maintain a competitive pricing policy for growth, HIT constantly engage with partners on our client’s behalf.  This is done via regular meetings between HIT and partners of our clients, with the understanding that HIT represent our clients. This policy ensures our client’s interests are always protected.


When dealing with our partners, how can HIT ensure the best pricing policy is always maintained?
Does this service only apply to online partner-vendors?


I really only trust HIT to manage our partners, with their services I truly believe we will always get the best service from our partner with HIT’s involvement.

Yearly Marketing Plan

The yearly marketing plan is a strategy formulated in-line with the hotel’s forecasted budget. The marketing plan dictates which areas of public awareness our client hotels should concentrate on, to better advertise their products.
As an example, should our client hotel be interested in marketing itself as a preferred destination for honeymoons or romantic getaways. We would advise and help our client increase its presence in matrimonial related online and even print media. Similarly, an increased presence in online media geared towards the fairer-sex for romantic packages can significantly increase the traffic of customers looking for such escapes.
Leveraging on our extensive leisure industry experience, HIT’s input is an invaluable asset to our client when formulating a marketing plan that truly facilitates our client’s growth. This is achieved with a form of targeted marketing that is recommended and pioneered by HIT to achieve optimum marketing impact. Thus, achieve growth in areas where our client hotel is interested in and minimising our client’s revenue excesses. A simple strategy to increase revenue by spending only on essentials.



How would HIT advise to best maximise my marketing budget which is very limited.
Can HIT advise me on which areas of online media advertising my hotel might be lacking?


I found that most of our marketing and advertising was not aligned with our corporate strategy and budget objectives. This situation had to be resolved as it was costing us revenue dollars. With HIT’s input, we were able to address this imbalance and streamline our marketing plan with our budget allocation. Thus, saving us a significant amount while increasing revenue.

Sales Strategic Plan

As a discerning owner of a successful enterprise, understanding the need to maintain healthy sales figures is an essential part of business. It is no secret that a dip in these figures could mean the difference between a rewarding year and a sluggish one. Similar rules govern the leisure industry, where the sale of a hotel stay is the life-blood of a healthy revenue column.
As part of HIT’s service, we offer our expertise in helping formulate a strategy to always keeping the demand for our client’s hospitality services as high as possible. By packing other select items the customer may be interested in with a hotel stay, a valuable package is created that the customer simply cannot decline.
An example of this is creating a package for the Pent House suite of a hotel. On its own, the Pent House suite may not be an attractive option due to its higher cost. However, when a stay at the hotel Pent House is packaged with selected food and beverage options, the Pent House stay is suddenly more attractive.
In other words, HIT can help our client hotels determine what to sell, how to sell it and when is the most opportune time to sell.


Does the Sales Strategic Plan apply for the entire calendar year?

  1. Testimonials

HIT has devised our hotel Sales Plan for the past 5 years and our hotel has consistently out-sold our competition in all those years. This achievement is even more remarkable considering our hotel operates on half the budget of our competition. Our management is very satisfied with the results thus far.




"I am very impressed with HIT’s contribution to our year on year growth. I never knew we needed help in this area until it was highlighted by our partner, HIT. "


Director of Sales