Global Internet Branding

Website Strategic Design

HIT act as advisers or consultants to  our clients to determine what interests visitors to the website created for our clients. Our aim is to maximise the true potential of the our client’s online presence. To achieve the full benefit of each website, we need to understand the offerings and concerns of our clients. As our client’s concerns now become our own, we at HIT always strive to understand and gather information that will help our clients grow.
Information such as the location of each visitor to the website can be tracked and stored to determine which region of the world our client’s website is most popular. Conversely, by determining where the website is popular, we can also advise our client where to concentrate advertising to increase the brand value thus increasing revenue in area of the world where the our client’s brand is less popular.
As any informative and well constructed website is always appreciated by any internet user; especially those who visit our client’s web page. Therefore, an effective and informative internet presence is a must for any modern enterprise to spread the word of the services it offers. As savvy entrepreneurs, our clients understand that the internet today is the first introduction to the services they offer. Therefore, we highly recommend our clients use this medium to put their best foot forward and introduce their services online as soon as possible.
Here at HIT we specialise in e-Commerce and with this knowledge we are best placed to act as advisers of the content of a services based website.  Allow us the responsibility to determine if more should be added to present a more complete message on your website. We may not personally create your website, however do know how best to maximise an e-Commerce online presence. In addition, HIT take on the additional role of recommender and manager of the external website vendor with our client’s best interests at heart.


How does HIT track visitors to my website?
Besides region of a visitor, what other information does HIT provide to me?
How will this information help expand my business?


At first I was a little sceptical about HIT’s approach. However, after studying the business model and putting it to use. I found that my business has doubled within 6 months! I am very happy with the results, after all the numbers cannot lie.


Online Reputation

HIT act as online filters whose responsibilities include, monitoring and reporting instances of our client’s name being mentioned on the internet (online). These instances will most likely occur in forums or an online presence where regular internet user can express opinions about HIT clients or product and services offered by our client. HIT’s role in this instance is to create and maintain a positive online reputation for our client by presenting our client or their services as an option to consider when an internet user plans a holiday. In addition, HIT will take on the added responsibility of managing negative comments made by internet users at these forums by presenting explanations of what might have lead to the negative review. Another way to manage negative comments is to present alternatives services offered by the client that may be better suited to the internet user’s needs.
For example, we at HIT constantly monitor the World Wide Web for instances of our client’s name listed or mentioned at any website or forum. By using specialised tools that help us track specific details of our client such as, Hotel Name – HIT is always “On the Ball” when it comes to maintaining our client’s good image or even managing misinformation of our client.


How does HIT track all the comments made about its client?
How soon after a negative comment is posted does HIT address the comment?
Can HIT be proactive and post positive comments even if there are no negative comments at a forum?


Online reputation control is a great feature of HIT, I can rest easy now that I know there is some awake 24/7 to address any misinformation posted about our company online.


Online Press Release

Managing the release of material for public consumption via press releases can be difficult task for even the biggest businesses. If not managed correctly, there is always a possibility wrong information is published purely by accident.
HIT have a long history of publishing our client’s write-ups and offers in the print and online media. HIT act as managers of any approved material to be published online for our clients which is meant for the Online Press’s consumption.  This includes announcements, offers and seasonal promotions on offer by the client via magazines, newspapers and various online publications. As an example, should one of our clients wish to promote a newly refurbished hotel. Leave it to HIT to make arrangements for the hotel to be featured in a local daily such as The Star newspaper in Malaysia that has a readership of over 2 million print reader in Malaysia alone. This not only informs the publish of something new to look forward to, it is free advertising for our client – a WIN-WIN situation indeed.


Can HIT help me with a write-up on a publication based in the Americas region? Or any other regions?
I would like to have control over what is written about my service but I cannot afford to wait too long as my industry is fast paced. How fast can HIT arrange a publication with local dailies?
Are there any samples of the write-ups available for me to consider?


I used to have a real problem with my wording of text and grammar with of my press releases but all that changed when HIT took over publishing duties, its certain worth the price we pay and it build our reputation!


Search Engine Optimization

By using certain key words related to the client or the client’s services HIT is able to present the client’s website as one of the top results after an internet search is performed by a user. When an internet user conducts an internet search using a search engines such as, Google.com , the user is usually interested in searching for something specific . For example, the user could use the following string of characters for a search, “beach hotels in Indonesia”.
If these keywords such as “beach” or “Indonesia” have been setup as words related to a HIT client in Indonesia. Therefore, using any of these keywords related to a HIT’s clients we are able to present our clients as the top results for the above search. Meaning, our clients will be featured prominently in the results displayed. How is this done? With the help of Google’s Paid services that can link any key word to HIT’s client.
Imagine the number of searches conducted in a day for internet users around the world. Now imagine if you will, if these searches can be optimized to feature your hotel?
It doesn’t just end there, imagine if the food and beverage promotions your business ran were similarly found online? How about that Honeymoon package your hotel was promoting? Wouldn’t this be a wonderful tool for increasing traffic to your website?
However, there is more to using Search Engine Optimization, HIT is able to analyze all the visitors that visit your website. Useful information such as;

  1. Which country is the visitor from?
  2. How the visitor found your website?
  3. What are the factors preventing the user from making a reservation?
  4. Which part of your website interested each user the most?
  5. How long was the visitor at your website and much more

These details help your business by creating a better website.


Is HIT a partner of Google.com?
Can you explain more on the cost of using Google’s Search Engine Optimization?


It’s amazing how much I didn’t know about my own website. After all, a website is there to serve a purpose to potential clients but we never had any data to support the success of our own website. Thanks to HIT’s services, we were able to identify the weaknesses in our website and address these weaknesses urgently.


Web Directory

Business listing are essential to business today as it helps interested parties locate your business in the quickness and most convenient way possible. For online searches, besides using a search engine to locate certain types of businesses or services in a certain area, services like the Yellow Pages or Super Pages offer a more special solution. These services are different from search engines because they specialise in listing businesses. HIT can help our clients getting listed on internet based directories depending on the category of business the client is in. For the purpose of making it easy for the client to be located by those interested in the client’s business offerings.
The benefit of being listed in such directories are quite clear with anyone being able to find our client’s business easily. For example, if a user is looking for a budget hotel in Subang, Malaysia all one has to do is access Super Pages.


What are the yearly cost of being listed on the web directories such as Yellow Page and Super Pages?
Are there any international based web directories available on the internet to give my business a worldwide presence?


Ever since I was listed in the Yellow Pages web directory traffic to my website from countries in the South American region has grown rapidly.



"Online reputation control is a great feature of HIT, I can rest easy now that I know there is some awake 24/7 to address any misinformation posted about our company online. "


CEO of Hotel