About Hospitality Integrated Technology (HIT)

Hospitality Integrated Technology (HIT) is for owner by owners. The concerns of many hotels who want to venture into Online Business however unable to do so include budget constraint or just lack of the ecommerce know-how. Although the Internet business opportunity is huge but many are lacking the resources and skills. The expertise of HIT provides the complete online solutions as we have developed the unique Internet Business Model which includes tested and proven methodologies and creative search marketing strategies according to the respective clients business's requirement and needs.

Hospitality Integrated Technology

About Hospitality Integrated Technology (HIT)

Our main focus and goal is to ensure conversion of the visitors into sales or at least leads. By focusing on the conversion techniques and online strategies, HIT has accomplished remarkable results for our clients over the years. 

Our business approach which encompasses the right combination of website design consultation, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and ecommerce solutions that is customized to your specific goals and objectives will ensure a holistic approach to the online business needs that results in increased online hotel revenue and optimal usage of your resources which eventually adds up to big cost savings for you at the end of the day. 

We partner with organization like yours to help you to successfully drive your online revenue targets and build your hotel's brand image. Our approach is client-centric as HIT is not merely a consulting house. We are your strategic partners as our vision is drive the results through alliances with your company. 

With most large hotel internet marketing company, generic advice provided will limit your online marketing potential and causing your revenue to plateau. At HIT, we are excited to be able to provide exclusive, customized advice to each of our clients - making sure that you always have an edge over your competition. Our revenue-focused, no-fluff strategies help you outsmart and outperform your competition.

W.Working Experience~How often have you experience training an ecommerce manager that has zero knowledge in Hotel industry and most importantly, they do not have the hospitality industry background? Worst still with the high turnover of staff in the industry, you will find it is futile to your resources and time management. Our service is to fill in the vacuum for you by having our trained ecommerce specialist to take on the role of being the driver for your online business.





P.Personalized service~HIT gives you a choice of a fully dedicated or a non-fully dedicated ecommerce person that is well trained with all the Travel industry know-how. The principals of HIT stay involved with you throughout your contract. When was the last time you were able to speak at length about your hotel with the CEO of your marketing agency? They may have hundreds of clients, but at HIT, we have an exclusive client list to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain high-touch service. We are in constant touch with our clients to review and discuss their hotel internet marketing and revenue optimization touch points.


F.Flexible Working Relationships~We can work with you based on full ecommerce services or just on a specific issue that is keeping you up at night. We have an excellent track record of supporting in-house marketing departments. We can offer consultation specifically on how to increase your online revenue if that is your only missing puzzle.



S.Solutions Customization~It always amazes us that so many hotels in the same local market are using the same internet marketing agency and the same cookie-cutter strategy. Internet strategy needs to be customized and unique to be effective. With HIT, your campaigns are constructed and managed exclusively for you.




F.Future Is Now~HIT is constantly keeping up-to-date of the latest trends of internet and innovative changes that can apply for you. We use cutting-edge tools and the latest technology to boost our clients' online and overall revenue.




"At first I was a little sceptical about HIT’s approach. However, after studying the business model and putting it to use. I found that my business has doubled within 6 months! I am very happy with the results, after all the numbers cannot lie. "

Mark Johnson

Director of Hotel